Since its inception in 2006, the All-Party Parliamentary Thrombosis Group has produced annual reports to map progress of implementation of best practice in VTE prevention in the NHS. These reports draw on evidence gathered by a survey of all Acute Trusts in England into their VTE prevention policies.

Using the data gathered from the Trusts that responded to our survey, this atlas enables Trusts to benchmark their performance against others in England and identify areas for future improvement in five key indicators of best practice in VTE prevention.

To see how your Trust compares, select from one of the indicators above, and search for your Trust’s name on the map. For each indicator, Trusts have been colour coded green if they are meeting best practice, amber if more information is needed to determine whether they are meeting best practice, and red if improvement is needed. Click on your Trust’s place marker for more information on why it has received its particular colour coding. We also encourage you to compare the results of your Trust with others nearby.